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Optimize your title tags for a better visibility!


When creating new web pages, there is one thing that you should really pay attention to: your title tags. Each time an Internet user is looking for something in a search engine like Google or Bing, plenty of results are displayed and the user is spoiled for choice. That is why it is important to draw his or her attention to your website by making him or her want to click on your link to know a little bit more about you! Your main goal is to rank well on search engines to attract clicks and visitors.

Here are some tips to create effective title tags:

  1. Use keywords

Keywords are essential for any person making a query because they allow for people to learn more about the content of your website. For better SEO, avoid words like « home page » and repetitions, which can be annoying for visitors. Also avoid writing only the name of your company! Instead, try to find relevant and attractive words, which say a lot about your website.

  1. Watch the length

Search engines only show the first 70 characters of your website, so make sure your title is not too long! On the other hand, if your title is too short, you might be missing some information. We recommend using no more than 10 words for your title tag.

  1. Organize your keywords

The first words in your title tags are the most important. Therefore, you should place strategic words at the beginning of your title. If you want to write the name of your company, we recommend putting it at the end of your title tag, unless your company name is sufficient to make Internet users click on your page.

  1. Include your geographic location

Do not forget to write the geographic location of your company in your title tags. Indeed, the user often associates a search to a specific location. Do this and you will get better results!

For more advice on SEO, feel free to contact us !

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MLC Associés inc.

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Our Clients :

MLC Assocés is one of the best engineering firms in the Montreal area.

Art Systems Canmada has been appointed to redress their computer network as well as for the design of their website.


Teva Pharmaceutical Industries Ltd. is one of the top 15 pharmaceutical companies in the world.

Art Systems manages Teva Canada Innovation's three websites: "migraine go away", "parkinson online" and  "ms watch". Our consultants help Teva Canada Innovation communicate with its different target audiences in an efficient manner. Our firm also created an animated holiday card for Teva Canada Innovation in 2011.


Montreal Auto Prix is one of the greatest used cars reseller in Montreal Area

Art Systems was designated to take the relay on the Microsoft Access Database programming and add Business Intelligence to the current retail processes.


Anjinnov mandated Art Systems Canada to restructure their IT infrastructure. They made the acquisition of two (2) brand new top of the line HP servers and revamped their whole network. Since then (2013), they enjoy a robust and stable IT environment to conduct their daily operations. 


Saint-Gobain is an international leader in the building materials with its head office located in France and facilities all around the World. 

Art Systems Canada was designated to built a customized Time-Sheet and Overtime management system. The solution has been developped in Microsoft Access with a MS-SQL Back-end.

MLC Assocés is one of the best engineering firms in the Montreal area.

Art Systems Canmada has been appointed to redress their computer network as well as for the design of their website.

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