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Internet traffic expected to quadruple by 2016!



A study by telecommunications provider, Cisco, predicts that data exchange on the internet should explode in the next 4 years.

Why such growth?

Since the advent of personal computers, smart phones and tablets, it is increasingly easy to access the Internet, and the number of Internet users is continually growing. According to UN estimates, there will be 3.4 billion Internet users in 2016, which represents 45% of the world population.

The Zettabyte Era

According to the study published on May 30, we are entering a "Zettabyte Era".  Internet traffic could reach 1.3 zettabytes (1 zettabyte = one trillion gigabytes), the equivalent of 38 million DVDs available online in the span of one hour … The number of network connections is expected to reach 18.9 billion in 2016, versus 10.3 billion last year. The study also takes into account the increasing speed of the Internet, which should be multiplied by four, as well as a growing WiFi share. In 2016, Cisco expects that more than half of the global Internet traffic will pass through a wireless connection.



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