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The newsletter is a powerful tool for maintaining customer relationships. Nevertheless, the newsletter that you take time to develop, test and send, is often lost among large amounts of spam in your customer's inbox.

How to make your newsletter stand out and pique your recipients' curiosity?

Here are some tips from Art Systems:

– If your newsletter is only for your customers, do not hesitate to offer promotions: they will be more inclined to open it the next time they receive it. In addition, your customers will feel privileged: a bonus for your customer relations!

– Choose the right frequency and stick to it. The frequency depends of course on the content of the newsletter, but it is obvious that you should not drown your subscribers with information: if you really need to communicate, one newsletter per week is acceptable, but otherwise, a monthly newsletter is ideal.

– Take care of the layout of your newsletter: the most important information must be visible at first glance. Change the design on a regular basis: this renews the curiosity of your readers and keeps your newsletter from looking like a standardized message sent automatically every month.

– Last tip, but not the least, take time to determine the title of your newsletter! It's the first thing recipients see and it determines whether or not they will take the time to open it, or simply delete it. Choose a catchy title! Avoid questions that imply the need for an answer: choose a short and intriguing phrase that relates to the content of your newsletter.

Have fun! And if you need tips that are more advanced tips, feel free to contact us.

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