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Data exchange on the internet should explode in the next 4 years. Why such growth?


Last month, Google launched its very own file sharing and online storage program. Ergonomic and easy to use, Google Drive resembles Dropbox and Skydrive in many ways but integrates seamlessly with Gmail, is synchronized with Google Docs and Google +, and, most importantly, allows you to store all your files in one single place that is accessible at all times!


Get a better ranking on search engines by using effective title tags.


The design of an e-commerce site should be thought-out and optimal.


Online forms create interaction with visitors to your site. The design of an online form must be clear and simple. A well-designed form, which is pleasing to the eye and easy to use, will generate a higher number of fills!


The newsletter is a powerful tool for maintaining customer relationships. Nevertheless, a newsletter that you take time to develop, test and send, is often lost among large amounts of spam in your customer’s inbox. Avoid this with these simple tips.

Latest Work
MLC Associés inc.
MLC Associés inc.

Art Systems programmed a new site for engineering firm MLC Associés inc.!

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SocioHabitat International
SocioHabitat International

Art Systems created SocioHabitat International's very fist website! The site has three different backgrounds that illustrate the multiple uses of SocioHabitat homes. Have a look!

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