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MS Access Programming

Microsoft Access Programming

As experts in Microsoft Access programming, Art Systems provides:

Our expertise at your service


No! Microsoft Access isn't dead and far from being so. Microsoft Access is still a standard and a leader in application development. Through Microsoft Access we can build custom solutions for ALL your management needs in a very short time window and within surprisingly small budget.

You have an Access database and want to update or improve it? Art Systems Canada provides Access programming services! Our MS Access programmers can work either at your office or remotely. Our expertise and experience can help you build management or inventory systems with an architecture that suits your specific needs. In addition, our project coordinators can help you contain costs and expenses via reliable data management.

MS Access Databases (development and update)

Store and structure your data! Art Systems offers customized solutions that allow you to better integrate and manage your data. An MS Access database helps you keep important information in a clear and organized manner via an efficient management system.

Much faster than a simple spreadsheet, the MS Access database has many advantages, including the possibility of being viewed by multiple users simultaneously. In addition, MS Access databases can be used to generate management reports, which are great when it comes to optimizing your business’ time and efficiency.

Do you have an existing database? Our team can also develop and optimize your current databases.

Trust us with your computer data!

Dorsal Microsoft SQL systems (Back-end)

When the number of tables or database information becomes substantial, it is important to change the architecture of your MS Access table to migrate to a more robust and stable storage system. That is why we recommend migrating your Access database to Microsoft SQL. The application remains in Microsoft Access, but the data is stored via an MS SQL database.

VBA Programming (Visual Basic for Access)

Several operations can be automated using modules programmed in Visual Basic for Access (or VBA). Adding a VBA module not only saves time but allows you to perform operations that only Microsoft Access can perform via its various forms and reports. VBA programming is usually reserved for advanced programmers in MS Access and is often compared to what large companies implement to store  data. This option is available for a reasonable budget, and does not require complex and expensive support.

No annual licensing, no maintenance fees, free updates

That's right. Once your Microsoft Access solution is up and running, there is NO fees, NO annual or recuring licensing, NO limits in the number of users that may use your Microsoft Access solution. It's scary only for those who want's to sell you big guns for your SMB needs.

Data management systems and time sheets – MS Access programming

We can set up time sheets to help you better manage your time and increase your productivity.

MS Access also allows you to create quotes and manage billing. Do you outsource? Microsoft Access can help you keep track of your expenses.

Accomplish every day's tasks and gain credibility with your customers through a simple, affordable solution – Microsoft Access

Contact us today and let us help you with your data!

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