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Web Design for Mobile Devices

Web Design for Mobile Devices

Let us create a mobile website for you. Our services include:

  • Web design for mobile phones
  • A temporary site linked to an event or QR code
  • Applications and e-commerce solutions for mobile phones

Web design for mobile devices

We are witnessing a tsunami tidal wave of smartphones in the world of mobile phones. The applications available for these types of phones are numerous and simple to use, and users are always asking for more. As the Internet, web design for mobile devices contains advertising, entertainment, useful information and websites, however, a design for mobiles differs from traditional web design.

A website designed for smartphones has to be more concise and more user friendly in terms of navigation.

A mobile site allows you to:

  • reach your customers directly on their phones
  • supply users with a concise version of your site
  • make life easier foryour potential customers by displaying your contact information clearly, and allowing them to contact you in just one click!

Our mobile application developers are dedicated and motivated to continually thrive in the wireless/cell phone industry. Our expertise provides customized solutions for our clients. We are also able to transform your website into a website for mobile devices.

Why would you exclude this growing segment?

Give your customers easy access to your products and services directly from their smartphones.

To complete a website for mobile phones, Art Systems recommends that you add an SEO strategy. Optimizing websites for smartphones is a new concept, and a number of opportunities are just waiting for you.

We can help you reach potential clients directly on their smartphones!

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    MLC Associés inc.

    Art Systems programmed a new site for engineering firm MLC Associés inc.!

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    SocioHabitat International
    SocioHabitat International

    Art Systems created SocioHabitat International's very fist website! The site has three different backgrounds that illustrate the multiple uses of SocioHabitat homes. Have a look!

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