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About us

IT and Web Experts

Art Systems Canada is a Montreal based technology company specializing in providing full-service interactive internet marketing, web design, web development, SEM and search engine optimization (SEO) services; however we are also able to provide parallel complementary services in delivering comprehensive solutions in IT security, risk management, network security, IT audit, workflow analysis & programming. Our company’s mission is to create online solutions to help your business grow and to help protect your business assets from today’s modern technology threats.






Since Art Systems Canada opened its doors in 1999, we’ve seen competitors crash and burn. Many of them excelled in creative or technical skills, but, nevertheless failed, due to their lack of viable business applications. Today, Art Systems Canada Inc.. serves several types of markets and offers customers a unique base for all of their needs in information technology: acquisition of new equipment, network implementation, design and hosting of websites and a full range of services, including technical support.


Added value


We believe that sales are the backbone of every business. This one very important philosophy sets us apart from our competitors. We consider that every website we build is also a sales tool; and, its purpose should be to sell our clients’ products and services. We make sure that every web designer, developer, project manager and our marketing experts are sales oriented. This doesn’t mean they go out knocking on doors or cold calling; but, certainly have the sales mentality to make correct decisions in their daily tasks.


11 years and hundreds of clients later, we have built a very strong team in our Montreal office. Over time, the company has developed a reputation like the values ​​it preaches: honesty, competence, accuracy of advice given and a constant renewal of knowledge. To these values, Art Systems adds respect, fun, discipline and teamwork, in order to provide the best service to its clients. We feel that our philosophy has been extremely successful for our clients, so we will continue to improve our services as well as our sales-driven strategies to help all of our clients grow their business.


According to its founder and president, André Arsenault:

"Our main talent is to provide our customers with stable management tools, as well as the pleasure of seeing their technical problems disappear in a disarming simplicity."


Discover our IT services and our web services!

Latest Work
MLC Associés inc.
MLC Associés inc.

Art Systems programmed a new site for engineering firm MLC Associés inc.!

View project
SocioHabitat International
SocioHabitat International

Art Systems created SocioHabitat International's very fist website! The site has three different backgrounds that illustrate the multiple uses of SocioHabitat homes. Have a look!

View project
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Une petite équipe et un dévouement réel envers chaque client font de chacun de nos projets un véritable succès !
Toujours en quête de renouvellement, Art Systèmes reste à l’affût des tendances, et vous propose des idées originales !
Avec près de 15 ans d'expertise en technologies du Web, Art Systèmes représente un choix gagnant !
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