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Technical Support





IT Technical support in Montreal, Laval, Longueuil, Blainville, Brossard, Boucherville.


Art Systems Canada Inc. provides its expertise in computer technical support in Montreal and throughout Quebec. We are experts at troubleshooting software, system, computer or server issues. Our analysts have more then 30 years of experience in their field of expertise. And if they don't have the answer, they will get it for you. 


Art Systems Canada Inc. is also an extented network of experts in Internet security, network infrastructure, software programming, web hosting, email-solutions, and many many more aspects of your daily IT activities.


Not only we know what we're doing, but we also understand what we're doing!


Art Systems Canada Inc. provides the following  technical support options to its customers to choose from.

  • Onsite emergency service within 4 hours time frame in the vincity of Montreal (24 hours outside)
  • Online emergnecy call with remote control option within 1 hour response
  • Technical support hours bank with substantial rebate
  • Sentinals and monitoring services for proactive interventions

NOTE : All technical support services is ONLY intented to corporate customers. Customers MUST have an active account with Art Systems Canada Inc. in order to place any call or requests for IT technical support.

Give it a try. 1-855 279-7754



Contact us at 1-855 279-7754

Latest Work
MLC Associés inc.
MLC Associés inc.

Art Systems programmed a new site for engineering firm MLC Associés inc.!

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SocioHabitat International
SocioHabitat International

Art Systems created SocioHabitat International's very fist website! The site has three different backgrounds that illustrate the multiple uses of SocioHabitat homes. Have a look!

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Service personnalisé
Une petite équipe et un dévouement réel envers chaque client font de chacun de nos projets un véritable succès !
Toujours en quête de renouvellement, Art Systèmes reste à l’affût des tendances, et vous propose des idées originales !
Avec près de 15 ans d'expertise en technologies du Web, Art Systèmes représente un choix gagnant !
Nos chargés de projet, rigoureux et attentifs aux détails, sont toujours à la recherche de solutions avantageuses pour leurs clients !
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